Mālama ‘Āina – Mālama Hula

Moanalua Gardens Foundation

Founded in 1970,

Moanalua Gardens Foundation (MGF) has served as a vital link in preserving and protecting the environmental and cultural resources of Hawai’i.

Our Mission

To preserve and perpetuate the history, native culture and environment of Hawai’i through education and stewarship of Kamananui Valley and celebration of the annual Prince Lot Hula Festival.

Our Programs

For over 50 years MGF has made a difference in Hawaii through our Mālama Kamananui program educating and inspiring our youth to Mālama ‘Āina, care for our lands, and protect Kamananui, the last undeveloped valley in urban Honolulu. Through our Hali’a, Living Memories of Moanalua oral history program, we are preserving the mo’olelo (history) of this culturally significant wahi pana (storied place). The development of the first Moanalua Forest Reserve Management Plan currently underway will ensure that Kamananui is preserved for future generations. And, we will continue to perpetuate our hula traditions through the Prince Lot Hula Festival, the largest non-competitive hula celebration in Hawai’i.

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Learn more about Moanalua Gardens Foundation, who we are and what we do. Mahalo and Aloha.

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Learn about Mālama Kamananui, our free culture based education programming in Kamananui Valley. Using our motto of “No child left inside” our programs have been designed to connect youth K-12 with the outdoors and awaken their natural passion for the environment. Through immersive experiential experiences, students will learn moʻolelo, science, and current restoration efforts happening in the valley.


Prince Lot Hula Festival

Established in 1978, the Annual Prince Lot Hula Festival, now Hawai‘i’s largest non-competitive hula celebration, honors Prince Lot Kapuāiwa’s legacy of hula in Moanalua. From its humble beginnings, the Festival has developed into a powerful Hawaiian statement, defining our traditions, culture and language, providing opportunities for new and experienced hālau hula to share their style of hula with the entire community and global Ohana.

Free Archive

Hanauna Library

Enjoy video, photos, text and images of Hula, Oli, Moʻolelo and more. Moanalua Gardens Foundation presents their collection of art, culture and history.

E Kōkua I Nā Hana Ma Kamananui

Support the efforts at Kamananui

E Kōkua I Nā Hana Ma Kamananui

Support the efforts at Kamananui